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Janet Nadine Mort PhD

Janet Nadine Mort PhD
Order of British Columbia Recipient 2020

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Internationally acclaimed innovative literacy curriculum designer, author of two books, organizer and speaker at over 28 educational summits, Janet Nadine Mort is responsible for the reading success of countless vulnerable primary learners.

Upon retirement in 2007, after a 35-year career as a teacher, principal and superintendent of schools on Vancouver Island, Janet attained a PhD in language and literacy. Still determined to address the unmet needs of struggling primary students, she aligned her research and vast experience to develop her Joyful Literacy Interventions program. She formulated an effective assessment/teaching/tracking paradigm that educates children through playful activities.

Janet began highly productive pilot programs (ongoing) in Peace River South and ȽÁU,WELṈEW̱ Tribal School in Brentwood Bay where her innovative teaching practices were successfully adopted.

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She continues to personally collaborate with over 200 teachers in rural and First Nations communities, demonstrating her selfless passion to achieve literacy success with disadvantaged, vulnerable children. Results in over 200 classrooms in B.C. have been outstanding: 80% to 90% of K-3 children, despite vulnerabilities or significant cultural differences, are reading at grade level after three years in Janet’s program. These results have been proven through independent, quantitative research and, seeing the successes of their students, teachers report a great sense of accomplishment.

She has written two books, Joyful Literacy Interventions and Putting on the Blitz. These books clearly weave together her essential assessment/teaching/tracking components with practical, joyful classroom applications that facilitate rich and stimulating student-teacher interaction. 

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Joyful Literacy Interventions
by Janet Mort

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Putting on the Blitz
by Janet Mort

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At 75 years of age, she continues to teach intervention strategies and mentor teachers in B.C. and beyond through her Joyful Literacy Interventions framework.Following a stellar career, upon retirement, Janet chose not to relax. Instead she forged a new career path with an undaunted belief that she could give all young children an equal start in literacy.

Her inspirational commitment to providing a successful school experience for all children will be her legacy.