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Testing. Teaching. Tracking. Celebrating!

FACT: Children must learn hundreds of Reading Skills by the end of grade two to read fluently. Powered by the Joyful Literacy Reading App, teachers can readily assess and track all essential skills, group children for targeted instruction and celebrate progress with parents.

Accessible on Every Device

The Joyful Literacy Reading App is compatible with all devices, including Chromebooks, iPads, Android Tablets, smartphones, and Windows and Mac desktop computers.
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Teachers have always loved the Circle Charts.

Now they're the foundation
of the Reading App!

A graphic showing the circle chats menu of skills next to a sample of a digital circle chart for teaching alphabet knowledge.

What will the Reading App bring to your desktop?

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Children organized according to skill mastery, need for more practice, and need for explicit instruction

A weekly planning capacity based on groupings for whole class, small group and individualized instruction

Rubric language that can be copied and placed on report cards

Data calculations that rank children according to skill need

Instructions on how to efficiently assess children for each skill

Skills presented in foundational skill-sets for easy and science-based sequence

Target Reading
Success with Data!

Our Reading App provides each teacher with a data tracking tool that facilitates:

• Weekly planning and grouping strategies;
• A complete reading skill curriculum (JK to 3);
• Checklists of hundreds of essential skills; and
• Detailed assessment instructions.

All resulting in accelerated classroom success!
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“Once children master the seven sets of Reading skills, they will read fluently at grade level. Our team has proven this is true for 85% of all children – even those who are vulnerable in kindergarten. Our Reading App helps teachers plan, assess and track skill mastery so interventions can be applied immediately.”

– Dr. Janet Mort
Early Learning & Literacy / Order of BC 2020
“If you can’t measure it you can’t manage it.”

– Peter Drucker’s Lost Art of Management (2011)

Inspired by the Science of Reading

Joyful Literacy is based on the most reliable international research. It’s not debatable!

The National Reading Panel (2005)
The NELP Report (National Early Literacy Panel Report) (2011)
The Canadian Council on Learning (2009)
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Our Reading Building Blocks

The Joyful Literacy Reading App focuses on the first five building blocks that determine the degree of success children will have with fluency and comprehension in the intermediate years. Mastering them in the first few years will be a guarantee of future reading success.
Phonics and Alphabet Knowledge
Phonemic Awareness
Shared Reading and Concepts of Print
RAN (Rapid Automatized Naming)
Colours, Pictures,Letters and Sight Words
Oral Language & Word Study
Comprehension: Understanding What We Read
Fluency: Starting in kindergarten!
Teaching doesn't get better than this!
Our Joyful Literacy Team is thrilled to present you with this exciting and ground-breaking Reading App. To our knowledge there is nothing quite like it. It’s fun, it’s fast, it’s motivating! Circle Charts are the heart and soul of the 85% success rates we have been able to achieve.

Your instructional planning is about to change in a calculated way. We are going to share your delight as you efficiently assess children on every essential skill, then apply interventions immediately to change their learning success rates. You can end each day knowing exactly what each child has achieved. You can shine with satisfaction as you quantify individual and class progress each week. And we will look after you in every way we can as you begin implementation.

This is a new world for vulnerable children: you are leading the way as you pave the road to their early learning success. Teaching doesn’t get better than this!
Reading Level Success Graphic

We are hosting a free Zoom meeting on August 31, 2021 at 2:00PM [PST] to introduce and announce our new app. If you're interested in attending, send us an email and we'll send you a Zoom link and save you a seat!

Privacy Policy

Joyful Literacy is committed to protecting your privacy and maintaining the confidentiality and security of your personal information. Click the button below to view Joyful Literacy Reading App's privacy policy, which also includes a description of The Reading App for parent consent forms.