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Online Zoom Conference

Safety, Wellbeing, and Learning

Uplifting Parents, Colleagues,
and Children

A Day With Barbara
Coloroso and More!

International Speaker & Author

9:00AM – 3:30PM
October 23, 2020

BC's Provincial ProD Day


We invite you to join us for a dynamic and uplifting day – what we think you will be ready for after six weeks back in school, struggling with unknown trials yet returning to the joy of happy children who have missed you and their peers. This summit will re-energize and prepare you for November and December – the next step.

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A Message From Our Founder

Portrait of Janet Mort

Janet Nadine Mort PhD
Order of British Columbia Recipient 2020

Dear Primary and Intermediate Teachers,

This is one of the most challenging school entry events in my half-century career due to the COVID epidemic. My heart is with you and I have longed to support you in some way. Our series of in-person Pacific Northwest summits that have celebrated, supported and promoted your work have been cancelled due to COVID.

I have had a new and exciting idea. I realized that most Pro-D Days this year have had to be cancelled as large groups cannot gather to celebrate children and each other. Our Joyful Literacy Team has therefore developed, created and are ready to offer a Zoom Online Summit for elementary teachers on BC’s Pro-D Day October 23rd, 2020. I am on my own learning journey as I master Zoom technology for you.

This October Online Summit is called Safety, Wellbeing and Learning – the three most pressing challenges we face this fall as we protect our children and ourselves in in this unknown and challenging time.

We invite you to join us for a dynamic and uplifting day – what I think you will be ready for after six weeks back in school struggling with unknown trials yet returning to the joy of happy children who have missed you and their peers. It will then be time re-energize and prepare for November and December – the next step.

I have selected international and local dynamic and passionate speakers for the October Summit who are customizing their presentations for this unusual time. You will find them compassionate, empathic and digging deep in their tool boxes to find exactly what will sustain you and energize you for November and beyond with practical ideas - all ready to put right into action immediately, whether you are on a hybrid, online or in-class assignment. I send my best wishes and know you are up to this challenge in your usual dedicated way. You are the new heroes!

Hang in there! Our Team promises to support you and lift you up!

All the best,


Introducing our Very Special International and BC Joyful Team Presenters:

Barbara Coloroso Portrait

Keynote – Barbara Coloroso

Barbara is going to spend the entire day with us. Internationally-known for her compassion for those of us experiencing grief, loss, fear, transition issues and trauma - and all other safety and well-being challenges - Barbara is immersed and deeply invested in the damage threatening our schools during the COVID pandemic and she joins us to help us in any way she can, but particularly to  offer us a deep understanding of our lived experience now and future strategies for leading ourselves, our children and their families through it. You will have a choice of participating in her keynote or immersing yourselves in a full day - just with her.

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Other Choices for Zoom Breakout Rooms

You will also be able to select two or three other breakouts in the course of the day if you don’t choose to immerse yourself with Barbara. I have worked with the following speakers for over five years in our International Summits. They are the best-of-the best!

Dr. Tim Risinski Portrait

Dr. Tim Rasinski  K–5

Fluency is the issue that defeats many of our children’s success as the reach the intermediate grades. Tim is the world recognized expert in the field of fluency and his research and practice has gained prominence in the last few years. Most important Tim’s presentations are delivered through engaging songs, games, laughter and joy and practical strategies that will provide you will practical activities you will want to implement tomorrow in your classrooms. Fluency starts in Kindergarten! Author of over 23 how-to books, his literacy laboratory has proven that we can accelerate reading levels by leaps and bounds with his weekly fluency program.Our children – with serious COVID skill gaps – need this now!

Dr. Maria Walthers Portrait

Dr. Maria Walther  K–3

Dr. Maria Walther recently wrote "The Ramped-up Read Aloud" – a national bestseller for Impressive reasons. She moves Shared Reading experiences andFoundational Skills to a whole new level: Her new book – is the 2020/2021 must-have book for every primary teacher - (in my opinion). In it she identifies the 100 most recent high-quality and recent children’s books as a strong basis for our literacy programs but, best of all, she provides explicit direction to teachers in each book for instruction in all key aspects of literacy work: Learning Targets, Cover Illustrations, Setting Purpose, Comprehension Strategies, Key Vocabulary, Extending Experiences and Other Related Books. She has done our prep for us at a time when we are so stretched for planning. God bless her for this. It is a gift!

Dr. Ruth Culham Portrait

Dr. Ruth Culham  3-5

Dr. Tim Risinski Portrait

Libby Jachles K–2

Libby and Ruth have been working partners in developing and implementing what (in my opinion) is the most significant approach to teaching the Writing Skills to young children. Their strategies are innovative, joyful, playful and full of life. They approach writing in ways I have never seen before; as a result, we have embraced their creative approach in our own "Joyful Literacy Framework." Finally – through their insights, writing takes its place in an equal and integrated instructional role along-side reading. The use of Mentor Texts in this process, takes a new and significant role in bringing reading and writing skills together through teacher modelling. They are energetic and compelling presenters!

Joyful Literacy Logo

The BC Joyful Literacy Interventions Team  K–3

This Team of five practicing teachers (and administrators) have been working with Janet for the past seven years to implement the Joyful Literacy Framework which demonstrates and proves that we can move vulnerable children from 50% success in standard grade level measures to over 80% success in reliable and independent measures in their first three years of school . The approach is based on reliable and significant recent research and it WORKS!!!  Four school district and three indigenous schools are documenting dramatic life-changing results in primary grades. TheFramework strategies are simple, sequential and explicit - demonstrated in play-based, joyful and happy classroom environments. Out Team will provide you with a step-by-step series of implementation strategies that will get you on your way tomorrow – and it starts in a strong kindergarten base.

Charlotte Diamond Portrait

Charlotte Diamond
National Treasure – Order of Canada Recipient

Our children are at their happiest when they are singing, moving, grooving and laughing. Who better to remind of us at this than our lovable, musical BC star – Charlotte Diamond. Not only will Charlotte bring entertainment and inspiration to our summit, she will bring free web sites links where you can select the best music to infuse energy into your classroom; she will provide us with lyrics motivation, demonstrations and an understanding of the place joyful and fun music – interspersed in daily classroom routines – can energize and give us all a lift in challenging times.