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Closing the Covid-19 Gap: Catching up by June

with The Joyful Literacy Intervention Team

February 12, 2021

BC Professional Development Day


Our team has been implementing the Joyful Literacy Framework for the past five years in highly vulnerable schools. In each of their classrooms over 80% of their children are reading at or above grade level. Unfortunately, many children have fallen behind as a result of Covid-19 school closures. Our team will share their proven strategies as well as games and assessment tools that you can implement immediately.


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Online Zoom Summit


Implementing the Professional Development Video Bundle

with Dr. Janet N. Mort

February 12, 2021

BC Professional Development Day


Vulnerable children need us more than ever after missing five months of early learning essentials. Now is the time for COVID Catch-up! I am eager to share our new research and knowledge with groups of primary teachers who are ready to commit to long-term change for vulnerable children. Brace yourselves for lots of fun, hard work, excitement and a rewarding JOYFUL experience!

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Portrait of Janet Mort with the Order of British Columbia 2020 Award


Janet Nadine Mort PhD

Recipient of The Order of British Columbia 2020, internationally acclaimed innovative literacy curriculum designer, author of two books, organizer and speaker at over 28 educational summits, Janet Nadine Mort and her team are responsible for the reading success of countless vulnerable primary learners.



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Ninety percent of all children are capable of reading at grade level by the end of grade 2. We have the method and the data to prove it!

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Hundreds of classroom teachers in North America are implementing Joyful Literacy strategies to demonstrate success with vulnerable children, Indigenous children, and any kindergarten and first graders engaged with explicit instruction in literacy will benefit from Dr. Janet Mort’s research-based model.

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