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Professional Development Online with Zoom

Boosting Literacy K–5

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We will work with you to create a blended Professional Development experience that is customized to your specific needs at the school and/or district level – either a one-time only offering or an annual, or multi-year offering.

Over 85% Literacy Success in the Primary Grades for All Children

Our Joyful Literacy Team members have been implementing the Joyful Literacy Strategies for the past seven years - combining Play and Foundational Skills with explicit instructional strategies - embedded in playful and highly motivational activities - that have resulted in increases in student achievement resulting in 80% to 90% success rates. All of our strategies are research based and proven in BC schools and school districts.

A Custom-designed Zoom Workshop for Your School or District

We are proud to be able to offer custom-designed literacy workshops for your school or district as our time permits.

We suggest you book early if you are considering a custom workshop as each of our team members have multiple other responsibilities and speaking commitments. We need to give them as much notice as possible.

We will mix and match team members based on your expressed interest related to topic and grade level and will provide you with a projected cost well in advance. Using Zoom means borders and travel costs are no longer barriers to communication and this actually results in lower overhead costs.

We look forward to working with you in this new Zoom era.

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Introducing our Joyful Literacy Teacher Team:

Portrait of Janet Mort
Order of British Columbia Medal Janet Mort

Dr. Janet Mort


Joyful Literacy
Order of British Columbia 2020

Darci Dheensaw

Teacher & Administrator K–1

Lau, Welnew School Name

Tribal School – Wsanec SB

Christi Munch

Teacher & Administrator

SD #59 Peace River South

Chelsea Mytko


SD # 75 Mission

Nathan Reist


SD # 75 Mission

Dianne Bassendowski

Teacher & Administrator

SD #59 Peace River South

Introducing our Joyful Literacy International Author Team:

Dr. Ruth Culham Portrait

Dr. Ruth Culham

Author & Educator

Learn More About Ruth

Dr. Anna Cunningham Portrait

Dr. Anne Cunningham

Researcher & Author

Learn More About Anne

Dr. Tim Risinski Portrait

Dr. Tim Rasinski

Professor & Author

Learn More About Tim

Dr. Maria Walther Portrait

Dr. Maria Walther

Teacher & Author

Learn More About Maria

Libby Jachles Portrait

Libby Jachles

Teacher & Literacy Coach

Learn More About Libby

Charlotte Diamond Portrait

Charlotte Diamond

Musician - Order of Canada

Learn More About Charlotte

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Our Team's Specialties


A Research-based Literacy Framework

Essential Foundational Skills: Alphabet, Phonological Awareness, and Rapid Automatized Naming (Sight Word Mastery)

Daily Fluency Lessons

Writing (Shared and Traits)

Explicit Comprehension Instruction

The Blitz Intervention Strategy

Differentiated Learning

Essential and Playful Practice Centres

Data Analyses and Data Tracking (Circle Charts)

Transition and Change

Play and Its Role in Primary Classrooms

Integrated Daily Schedules

Family Partnerships in Learning

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