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Friday, October 20, 2023
8:45AM – 3:30PM PDT

Meet Our Exceptional Speakers

Dr. Maria Walther

Maria’s recent ideas-packed book Shake Up Shared Reading should be on every teacher’s bookshelf!

Shake Up Shared Reading, Comprehension and Vocabulary

• How do we link rich read-alouds to target key skills and understandings?
• How do we teach comprehension skills and build vocabulary through joyful reading?
• What role can re-reading short bursts of text play in building enthusiasm for reading?
• How can we use investigation and conversation to shed light on deeper thinking?

Dr. Anne Cunningham

Anne is Author of Booksmart, a Scholastic Education expert, a literacy development scientist and a special education professor at University of California, Berkely.

Phonics and Phonological Awareness

• What is the difference between Phonics, Phonemic Awareness and Phonological Awareness?
• Why are they the most important skills for beginning readers?
• What are the specific skills and how do you teach them in a play environment?
• Which skills do we teach first? How do they interplay in the classroom?

Dr. Tim Rasinski

Tim is a multi-award-winning author and international expert on fluency and word play. His Kent State University lab has proven the value of daily fluency with all age levels Pre-K to 12.

Fluency, Comprehension and Word Play

• What is reading fluency or automaticity and why is it important in the early years?
• What is the connection between fluency, comprehension, and word play?
• How can primary teachers use song and poetry to teach oral fluency skills?
• What is the five-day plan that embeds fluency into daily classroom joy?

Chelsea Mytko and Nathan Reist

Classroom Play-based Strategy Specialists

• How can we integrate active and playful practice centres to move children to skill mastery?
• How do daily fluency infusions energize and inspire even the youngest children to read aloud?
• How can a theme-based approach incorporate all this skill learning into classrooms invisibly?
• What is the blitz intervention strategy and how do we use it so no learner falls behind?t

Dianne Bassendowski and Christi Munch

The Innovative BLITZ Intervention Strategy: Skill Mastery for Struggling Readers

Above 35% of all primary children struggle with mastery of essential foundational skills. The Joyful Literacy Team has developed a highly successful  and playful intervention system that focuses on explicit instruction and extra practice in small groups. The Blitz has been described as "learning assistance on steroids"!

• How do you organize a blitz for internal classroom use or cross-grade interventions in your school?
• How do you assess and group children with like needs efficiently?
• What kinds of playful games and activities energize struggling learners in the Blitz?
• How can we build blitzing into our weekly plan to  increase student success to 90%?